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H2O Rescue Gear

H2O Rescue Tote

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The Rescue Tote is a quick access gear management system that carries just enough rescue hardware to deal with most Swiftwater/Flood incidents.  The main tote has internal Velcro loop molle panels for traditional molle backed pouches or our Velcro backed pouches.  Our Velcro backed pouches allow for quick removal, so you can take the tools where they are needed.  

Each Rescue Tote will come with two square pouches (green), two long pouches and two Velcro loops.  The pouches can hold a variety of rescue hardware - Carabiner's, Pulley's, Rigging Plates, Webbing and Accessory Cord.  The Velcro Loops can hold larger Pulley's and Rigging Plates that may not fit in the pouches.  


  • Closed 15" Wide x 13" Long
  • Opened 15" Wide x 26" Long

Material - Cordura   

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