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Splash Gimbal

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The Splash Gimbal is a two axis waterproof camera gimbal designed for the Splash Drone Auto. It is compatible with GoPro 3, 3+, 4 cameras and ZERO Camera.  The contains a waterproof dive box with video and power cables to power the camera and send video to the internal video transmitter.

The Splash Drone Camera gimbal allows you to see under water when the Splash Drone lands and floats on the suffice.

(compatible with Splash Drone Autos from September 1, 2016 and later)


1. Simple structure and light weight, CNC aluminum alloy.
2. Contains waterproof FPV dive box with real time video out and camera charging function
3. Special treatment brushless gimbal motor
4. With anti-vibration rubber balls, easy to setup
5. Compatible with GoPro 3, 3+,4 (with older firmware) and ZERO cameras


1. Size: 12x10x10 cm
2. Gimbal weight: 400g
4. Gimbal controller×1
5. Dive box x 1

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